Waste Paper Solutions specialise in commercial shredding and the secure collection and disposal of sensitive paperwork from businesses throughout Sussex and across the UK.

Our commercial shredding service is provided with over 10 years industry experience.

We have expert advisers to ensure your demands are met.

Fully GDPR compliant.

Ad Hoc collection

Please purchase a Shred-Pack© online and call us when you are ready for collection. You can order 10, 20 or 30 sacks at a time and the price includes collection and shredding. We collect within 7 days but often much sooner. This is a great way to dispose of a one off batch of paper quickly and efficiently without spending hours shredding it yourself.

Regular shredding

If you require a regular collection service we can provide you with sacks and tags and attend to collect when full. We can collect weekly, fortnightly or monthly on a day suitable for you. This service is provided ‘on account’ so we invoice you after each collection has been carried out. You can also pay by Standing Order for convenience.  We charge £45 for up to 10 sacks and then £2 per each additional sack. So for example collection of 15 sacks would be £55 + vat.

Desk side shredding

Waste Paper Solutions shredding cabinet.jpg
Post your day to day paperwork through the letterbox opening and we will attend once a month to empty the contents for secure shredding. The cabinets are lockable for added security and come with two keys.  The cost is £25 per month + vat and includes hire of the cabinet and one collection per month. Includes delivery and installation. If you require a fortnightly or weekly collection or additional cabinets we can of course provide this service too.

Special requirements?

Call 0203 086 7843 to speak to one of the team

Who Uses Waste Paper Solutions?

Companies that have paperwork to dispose of from the day to day running of their business. Companies with archives that have been saved for years that now need to be destroyed. Any business generating paper waste that needs to be disposed securely. We work with all business sectors including Solicitors, Accountants, Designers, Travel Agencies and even Embassies (Read a review from the Iraqi Embassy in London here).

How Does It Work?

Simply call or email to arrange a shredding collection – or you can purchase a service online. Just select the number of sacks (10, 20 or 30) and fill in your address We send out our heavy duty shredding sacks immediately for you to start. Simply fill the sacks and call or email us to arrange collection. We come direct to your office and collect. All certification is included in the price you pay.

Prices & Order Online

A ‘one off’ collection costs just £45. This is contract free. Price includes sacks, collection, secure disposal and all certification. Excludes VAT. Bags are 20 inches x 30 inches and hold approx. 15kg of paper each. Regular collection services start from just £25 per month and include our attractive ‘desk side’ shredding cabinet delivered and installed free of charge.
Call our helpful team on 0203 086 7843 to discuss your options.

What can you shred with Waste Paper Solutions?

We shred all grades of paper from office printer paper to newspaper and magazines. There is no need to remove staples from any paperwork. We can take manila files, card dividers, envelopes, lever arch files and ring binders.

  Bank Statements

  Credit Card receipts

  Staff records

  We also destroy Hard Drives and recycle laptops.

  HMRC letters

  Quote letters

 Legal files

Why Use Waste Paper Solutions?

As a company it is your responsibility (and legal obligation) to ensure you safeguard your customers and employees against identity fraud by disposing of all personal information securely. It is advised that you employ a specialised, licensed company such as Waste Paper Solutions to carry out these duties on your behalf. We have over 10 years industry experience and our friendly knowledgable staff will help you set everything up. You can of course shred your sensitive documents ‘in house’ – but the advantages of using a professional commercial shredding service such as that provided by Waste Paper Solutions are hard to ignore….

…Paper Trail

If you are audited or investigated it is nearly impossible to prove you have securely disposed of paperwork yourself. Our commercial shredding service takes care of your business. We provide a paper trail that complies to Data Protection guidelines so you are completely covered at all times. This means Waste Transfer Notes (kept at Waste Paper Solutions Head Office for a minimum two years) and destruction certificates for every single collection carried out by us.

…Save time, money & resources

Shredding paperwork yourself can be very time consuming, and low quality desk side shredders can be very temperamental. Our commercial shredding service can usually be carried out for roughly the same cost as a small shredder. It also includes all certification for your records. A certified shredding service is important because, even if you have disposed of the paperwork yourself securely, there is no way to prove this in the event of any audit or investigation. Our certification is the reassurance to your clients that their information is in safe hands.

…Comply with the law

As a business you have a legal obligation to recycle or reuse all waste produced as a result of your operation. This means even if you are shredding your documents internally, if you are then throwing the shredded paper in the bin you are breaking the law as you have not taken all necessary steps to ensure it has been recycled. Similarly, if you are taking commercial paper waste to a household recycling depot or your local recycling centre then your company is also breaking the law – It is illegal to dispose of commercial waste in domestic recycle bins. You are also required to provide a Waste Transfer Note for every single bit of waste that leaves your premises. If your company is not adhering to these guidelines, or cannot produce on demand two years worth of Waste Transfer Notes, then you could face prosecution by The Environment Agency. The only way to ensure you comply with the law completely is to use a registered waste disposal company. Waste Paper Solutions take care of this beautifully and simply. To read more about your responsibilities as a business owner please read this article from Ensure your business is compliant.

Call 0203 086 7843 and let Waste Paper Solutions take care of everything for you.