At Waste Paper Solutions we are proud of our roots and ever evolving commitment to our environmental impact. Our shredding services for individuals are offered at such an attractive rate that we now specialise in secure paper shredding from homes as well as businesses.

We love that our small operation contributes greatly to the reduction of landfill waste across the UK ;-). Here are some ways we have helped local business reduce their carbon footprint, as well as our own…

  • In 2013 we introduced a free travel brochure collection service for travel agencies. This has provided a recycling solution for the tonnes of brochures needlessly thrown away every month.
  • In 2016 Waste Paper Solutions went 100% paperless! We now provide all certification and invoices electronically through wonderful cloud technology and email.
  • We are currently working on a beautiful new online portal where all of our customers can log in to download all of their documentation! Follow us @OfficeRecycling for updates….

Our team is fully committed to offering the best solution to commercial waste disposal while maintaining maximum security of our customers’ confidential information.

We have just released our updated Environmental Policy for 2017 which highlights all the main aspects of our commitment to remaining a responsible, conscientious business;




Waste Paper Solutions aim to provide a ‘100% recycle’ policy. All material collected is recycled where possible including any by-product of our service. We will provide our customers with information on current legislation to ensure their own waste management policies are efficient and responsible.


Waste Paper Solutions recycled over 2500 tonnes of paper in 2016 and we aim to increase that figure in 2017 by providing our service to even more SME’S across the south east. We will continue our free travel brochure collect and recycle service in 2017, a scheme introduced in 2013 to divert tonnes of excess travel brochures from landfill and providing a recycling solution for travel agencies whee none existed before.


Waste Paper Solutions are licensed by The Environment Agency. We provide Waste Transfer notes to each of our clients detailing their obligation to adhere to the waste hierarchy as required by Regulation 12 of the Waste Regulations 2011. A record of all waste collected is kept on file for a minimum of 2 years.


As a company we are continually striving to minimise our environmental impact while increasing the volume of waste we divert from landfill. With business growth inevitably comes larger energy consumption but we are constantly challenging ourselves to reduce our own carbon footprint as well as that of our customers. We now operate a fully paperless service for our customers.

For more information on our business and how we can help yours, please visit Waste Paper Solutions online