Hard Drive Destruction

If you use a laptop or desktop computer at work then all your information is stored on something called a ‘hard drive’. This is a small disc or platter kept inside the workings of the computer and retains all information the computer gathers throughout it’s entire life cycle. In the wrong hands all of this information can be extracted and used to gain access to secure passwords, personal details and even steal your identity. As part of Waste Paper Solutions’ complete information destruction service we offer hard drive destruction and disposal.

How Does It Work?

We collect your computer or laptop direct from you, take it to our disposal facility, remove the hard drive and destroy it. The shell of the computer is then recycled. You don’t need to do anything to the computer before we collect, although you should back up all of your passwords etc. to your new computer before handing the old one over to us.

Our Hard Drive Destroyer renders the disc useless by simultaneously piercing 50 holes straight through the metal, 25 holes up and 25 holes down. It is MOD approved and includes all certification, as with our secure shredding service.

At just £10 per unit we are a very cost effective solution to the problem of secure data disposal whilst also upholding your company’s environmental responsibilities. We don’t recommend trying to destroy the hard drive yourself.