Let us introduce you to our Shred Pack © – Waste Paper Solutions’ unique product that includes everything you need to securely shred your confidential paperwork straight from your home or office!

Our beautifully simple Shred Pack!

The Shred Pack includes shredding sacks, security tags, and an instruction card to guide you through the process of getting your documents secure destroyed.

Simply fill the sacks with anything paper based that you want to have shredded. This can be credit card statements, insurance documents, utility bills or anything that may contain your name address or other personal details. You don’t need to worry about removing staples, file dividers, windowed envelopes or manila folders, we will sort and shred all of this for you. We can even shred magazines and leaflets. 

Next, secure the shred sack with one of the security tags provided. Just insert the end into the closer and pull tight. Please remember when filling the sack to stick to the 10 kilogram weight limit and leave enough room at the top to seal securely. If you are unsure about the weight limit then just use the lift test – if you can lift the bag one handed and there is no risk of the sack splitting under the weight then you are good to go.

Once you have filled and sealed all the sacks required, call or email us to request collection. We will message you back with the next available collection date in your area. In most cases this will be within 3-5 working days. 

Our Shred Packs come in 4 different sizes – 

10, 20, 30 or 50. For most households the 10 or 20 pack will be big enough, holding 100 or 200 kilos of paper.  Both these packs have been cleverly designed to fit through your letterbox so you don’t need to be in to accept delivery. Once you have placed your order we will process it straight away and get your Shred Pack shipped out by Royal Mail 1st class post. 

Ready to order…? Just click the link and go! http://wastepapersolutions.co.uk/one-off-shredding/

The price you see online includes delivery and collection once your sacks have been filled. We’ll even email you a shiny certificate within 48 hours that you can keep as proof of secure disposal. 

Thanks for reading and happy shredding!