A major office block in the centre of Tunbridge Wells is to be converted into housing in January 2018.

Calverley House, which is home to around 90 full time businesses will be converted early next year. This is bad news for all businesses who currently use the building as their main base. A lot of the companies who use Calverley House are 1 or 2 man teams – the offices are small and fully serviced while also being very affordable and offering a unique setting for startups. The building is also home to many long established larger companies.

Calverley House will close to businesses in January 2018.

The developer was not available for comment but it is understood the building will be vacated by January 2018, leaving many businesses with no option but to leave the town and seek affordable office space elsewhere.  It is a disaster not only for the small businesses that will be uprooted but also the surrounding shops, cafes and coffee outlets that benefit from the lunchtime trade from the hundreds of workers at Calverley House.

Without suitable affordable office space to rent in Tunbridge Wells the development of Calverley House will surely seal the fate of many struggling and developing small businesses that are vital to the town and it’s economy. Many companies have already moved out in anticipation of the overhaul, securing the remaining few commercial units around the town centre. Whilst smaller businesses will struggle with cost and convenience when trying to find alternative office space, larger firms leaving the building will be faced with the problem of being unable to find any space in the town centre large enough to accommodate their staff.

Some people believe that the 112 proposed new housing units will bring more trade to Tunbridge Wells, with new tenants spending their money in the shops and restaurants. However it is not certain how much of this will offset the loss of trade to local businesses from the closure of the building as a central business hub.

Waste Paper Solutions service Calverley House on a regular basis, disposing of confidential waste for shredding from many businesses in the building. We have seen a very sudden rise in paper being disposed by the current tenants in anticipation of the closure. Any residents needing to clear archives, dispose of paperwork or laptops/PC’s should call us on 0203 086 7843. Or alternatively you can email zoe@wastepapersolutions.co.uk