Waste Paper Solutions have been providing our unbeatable paper shredding service to East Sussex businesses for over 10 years. That’s 10 years building customer service, earning our clients’ trust and gaining unparalleled expertise in our field.

We think we have the best paper shredding service available to small businesses, home owners and large corporations alike. But then – we would!

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. You can read reviews from our clients right on our web page (www.wastepapersolutions.co.uk/reviews). It’s not just that we work for some of the biggest companies in the UK, or even the world, it’s that we offer them such tailored, personal customer service that they keep coming back. For us this is not just a job. This is our passion. 

This may sound strange to people thinking about what we do. How can we be ‘passionate’ about something as mundane as paper shredding?? We are passionate because we love business. We are passionate because we love customer service. We are passionate because the potential for growth in our industry, to deliver something truly unique to our customers, is limitless. We have forged a team of bright, enthusiastic, brilliant young minds to drive our company forward, to deliver fluent service – So quick, efficient and simple yet never compromising – maintaining the dedication to our customers that has earned us our reputation. When you are this passionate about your work, it doesn’t matter how simple your product is.

We have set out to construct the most beautiful, simple website for our customers to use. We have strived daily to simplify the process of searching for, assessing and ultimately selecting a confidential waste management service suited to each customers’ individual needs. Our paper shredding service is simple, easy to set up and best of all, cheaper than all of our competitors! We have grown from a small recycling business to a multi faceted company dealing not only wth document shredding & recycling from Sussex businesses, but also hard drive destruction, document scanning and archiving from businesses around the UK and Europe.

We are constantly innovating and pushing our industry forward. We have introduced live Twitter chat to our website so you can chat online instantly and in real time with a Waste Paper Solutions advisor. You can get quotes, schedule collections, check on our vehicle location and order products & services instantly from you phone, laptop or mobile. In May 2017 our online portal will be going live – enabling all of our clients to log in to their own page on our website to download certification, view invoices, sign documents and place orders. We are also introducing one-click ordering so that you can now pay for your collection online and let us do the rest. Follow us on Twitter (@OfficeRecycling) to find out when this goes live!

There are other options available to you when it comes to your document disposal, and there are other companies that will happily take your business. But Waste Paper Solutions guarantees the complete package with excellent customer service to boot.

Thank you to all of our customers for helping to drive our service forward.

Waste Paper Solutions. We ARE Shredding.