Commercial Office Shredder
Desk Side Shredding Cabinets

£25 pcm includes delivery, installation and once monthly collection service!

Our smart, lockable, commercial office shredding cabinets keep your confidential paperwork secure. They sit right by your desk and are a simple, tidy solution for keeping your work space clear and your sensitive documents secure. We attend once a month to empty and shred the contents. You can have as many shredding cabinets as you like – delivery & installation is free.

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Our lockable desk side shredding cabinets are an excellent way to contain your confidential documents, smarten up your office and keep waste paper out of sight. They are installed with a heavy duty sack which collects paper as you dispose of it through the ‘letterbox’ opening. Once full we simply collect the sack, shred the contents and install an empty sack. All shredding cabinets are lockable for security purposes. Each cabinet is just £25 per month including free delivery and installation. Price includes one collection per month and all certification.

Waste Paper Solutions

Waste Paper Solutions provide a document shredding service for small businesses and individuals in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire & London. We are licensed by the UK Environment Agency and supply all certification for every single collection carried out. If you have any queries or would like to discuss your options before buying online, please call 0203 086 7843.