Find us on Twitter @OfficeRecycling…….

At Waste Paper Solutions we are no stranger to social media – we have had a Facebook page, A Twitter account and an Instagram profile for some time and we love keeping you up to date on a daily basis with fun posts and great articles.

But did you know you can use our social media pages to schedule a confidential waste collection, request certificates and invoices and find out about our other services such as hard drive disposal and archive scanning??

We are live on Twitter Monday to Friday, 08.30 am to 17.30 pm, and you can reach us by tweeting us at @OfficeRecycling. We will respond to your tweets instantly and in real time so you can find out information such as;

  • Current location of all of our shredding vans
  • What time we will be arriving with you to carry out your collection
  • What area we are in that particular day

You can also use Twitter to let us know about additional waste you may have to go last minute (and even upload a picture using your smartphone or tablet to show us exactly how much there will be to collect) and call a driver back in case you find additional items that need to be collected but were missed.

The real advantage will be using Twitter to schedule a collection – there are just enough characters available in a single ‘tweet’ to provide your requirements and even tag your location, meaning we can really schedule you in for a last minute collection where required.

We love innovating at Waste Paper Solutions and constantly finding new ways to improve and simplify our customers’ experience really excites the team! So next time you are on Twitter why not try it out, even if it’s just to say ‘Hi!’.

Or of course if you prefer to contact us the conventional way you can always visit, or email us at